GAME zone: Rosenhøj, in Aarhus, Denmark
Role at GAMEPlaymaker

Rodwan Aden is a volunteer Playmaker in GAME Aarhus. He knows the area of Rosenhøj like his back pocket, and he makes the people there so happy.

In addition to being a Playmaker, Rodwan Aden has just become a university student and is working on getting his driver’s license. He is a total firebrand when it comes to working with kids at the Rosenhøj zone in Aarhus. It was actually Rodwan that started the zone up. He knew the area so well, and know that it was the perfect place to make a zone. A spot that kids and young people used as a hang out spot; where would be good places to offer up some free street sports activities on asphalt – Rodwan knew those places. He managed to recruit some other young GAME Playmakers, and the biggest thing Rodwan looks out for is to make sure that the practices are up and running each and every week. He is the kind of person that is great at organizing and the big picture – but also making sure there is a great atmosphere all the time. And so he is sure to bring his music and speaker to every practice!

What do you think is coolest about the practices at the GAME zone?
“The practices make people happy and they clearly create some good community feelings out in the housing are
as, The practices in the zone give kids something to do in their free time. Generally, there are is a significant number of kids who are having a rough time of it, and the practices make life a bit lighter and happier in the every-day routine. It makes me proud to be a part of GAME. Its also so cool to be a part of a group of volunteers that are really passionate about what they do: the bonds among us are strong.”

Why do you think so many kids come to your practices?
“First and foremost because we have the zone and practices in the absolu
ate perfect location. It is a place that most of the locals know and come. I and the two others that do the street football practices – we are a good team and we complement each other. I think it works really well to have three volunteers out at the practices.  Hassan and Abdullahi run the practices; it is them who really know the sport and love it enough and make it really crazy fun on the asphalt.  Hassan and Abdullahi are both new in GAME, but have been really good at coming in and getting engaged. I am more the kind of person who likes to go around, talk with people, and am curious about what’s going on and who’s around. So it works well that among us, we are able to spread the word around and talk to people and create a good atmosphere, and run a good practice.”

What’s the best part about being a volunteer with GAME?
That we work towards a goal together as a team. You can clearly see that there are different roles for Hassan, Abdullahi and me. By having them, its easier to create a framework for fun and learning at each practice, in a way that kids want to come and be at. Good practices with happy participants create more good practices with more happy participants. And there are just tons of fantastic kids in Rosenhøj – and that’s why the practices are so good”.


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