20:00 min

Materials:     No specific, Walls, Boxes, Railings.


The game is well-known among vast majority of parkour practitioners all around the world. Add-On helps to discover moves that participants would not come up with individually, develops creativity and benefits the participants by getting inspired from each other.

The game can be played in pairs or in small groups up to 6-7 people (the more people participating, the longer waiting time between attempts and the less intensive the game becomes).

– All participants queue up at the starting point.

– The first person chooses one or two moves which everyone in the group has to repeat in the exact same way – keeping in mind that everyone in the group should be physically able to perform it.

– After the whole round, second person in the line “adds-on” another move that connects with the first one and the round goes on. When all participants added their move, the “flow / line” is created, so participants can practice the flow or keep adding more elements. 


Before the game:

– Explain participants what “the flow” is and what are the key points of putting different moves together

– To keep the movement smooth, It’ s better to slow it down and be aware of what is happening, rather than rush through it and stagger in the middle

– While working with beginners, you can give examples of elements they can use, so they will not feel lost (vaults, precision jumps, rolls, underbars, swings), but in the end the only restriction is the imagination and creativity of the participants. 


– Preparedness to come up with an element not in the most favourable setting.

– To practice moves which are not participants’ preferred elements to practice.

– Repeating and refining movements.

– Physical-consciousness.


Teamwork: Being part of the group – ability to cooperate with each other and cheer for each other.

Creative thinking: supports the development of creativity. Limited to only one move at a time – so feels it safe.

Self-awareness: Being able to present in front of the other people, being in the centre of attention, and strengthening physical consciousness.

Credit: Street Movement Copenhagen

Gemme til senere
Gemme til senere

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