20:00 min

Materials:     No specific, Walls, Boxes, Railings.


In short, the drill is a way to practice improvising, having a good fluid flow in movements chained together and with no set plan acting intuitively. This is not a drill for complete beginners – also your participants must be comfortable with being the center of attention – a more beginner friendly drill with the same qualities is “The Add- On Game”

External link to Parkour Edu’s description: https://parkouredu.org/10-second-drill-guide/

The Participant moves in a defined space for a given period of time – here 10 seconds – but can be changed for make it more focused on endurance.

Planning ahead should be discouraged since the goal is to improvise. 


– If you are handling a group dividing them into smaller groups is key. Be aware of the consequences this will have on the game. If there is too many small groups their will be many people moving in the same space at the same time. The size of the small groups will also affect the amount of rest / waiting time for the participants.

– To make it easier for the participants you can limit the moves that is allowed to be used e.g. step vault and underbar. 


– Moving intuitively

– Improving flow / transition between moves

– Cardio training


Empathy: Being part of the group – ability to cooperate with each other and cheer for each other.

Self-Awareness: Being able to present in front of the other people, being in the centre of attention

Creative thinking: Being able to improvise putting moves together in a creative way

Credit: Street Movement Copenhagen


Gemme til senere
Gemme til senere

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