30:00 min

Materials: A wall, bars for pull ups etc.


This is a workout concept that can be done solo or with a partner – but the design needs to be adjusted for whichever you choose. The only thing that has to be the same is that the number of repetitions for each exercise decreases from 99 with ten less for each round until 11.

Type up the workout for all to see on a wall or something visible and set the rules. Decide if they are alone and if they are allowed to do parts of one and come back to finish later – we suggest that it’s not allowed – it’s part of the “fun” to struggle with one of the sets.

Here are two examples:

Solo – take breaks when needed.

– 99 Calf raises                 88 Abdominal crunches

– 77 Squats                        66 Seconds of plank

– 55 Push Ups                   44 Lunges (2×22)

– 33 Side crunches (2 x 33)  22 Burpees

– 11 Handstand Push Ups (can be scaled to be supported by partner)

With a partner. One works and one takes a break.

– 99 Push Ups                   88 Jumping Squats

– 77 Calf raises on a bar     66 Squats with partner in piggy back

– 55 Pull Ups                        44 Dragon Squats

– 33 Drop Jumps – Chest high    22 Muscle Ups

  • andstand Push Ups EACH (can be scaled to be supported by partner)


– Make sure they understand each exercise and can check for good quality for each.

– Motivate participants to continue and have back-up stuff ready for injured people (maybe just have them skip stuff and repeat some of the others after).


–  Strength – overall work out.

– Tolerance to fatigue and lactic acid filled muscles.

– Preventing injuries


– Self-awareness: Being aware of physical strength.

– Reflective decision making: Dedication, you must devote yourself for a long-term plan to get strong.

– Team-work: if done with partner

Gemme til senere
Gemme til senere

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