In several different countries around the world there is a growing group of young volunteers who donate their time and energy to empowering the kids around. These volunteers are called Playmakers. The Playmakers receive a tailor-made education, equipping them to take on leadership roles locally and strengthen their participation in the local community - and in the long run in society. Playmaker program activities take part in local GAME Zones, where the volunteers offer weekly practices within street dance, street basketball, street football, street fit and/or parkour.

The main goal of the program is to create social change by giving youth and kids in the local communities a sense of belonging, a stronger network and some educational tools. Playmakers become positive role models for the younger kids and for both groups, the result is a more active lifestyle, improved self-esteem and physical health.

The profiles of our Playmakers are vastly different: most of them have grown up in the community in which they volunteer; like the kids the Playmakers have diverse backgrounds. Sports and organizational skills are a plus, but all that is really required of these volunteers is a strong desire to be a good role model for the young people around them and a commitment to the schedule of sports practices they create.

Voluntary Program and Education

The Playmaker education program is based on a peer-to-peer learning. All practices are built on the GAME empowerment model, which the Playmakers are taught. The empowerment model is based on the core life skills laid down by World Health Organization, and addresses important societal issues. The GAME Empowerment Model starts with life skills on two levels: The individual level and the group level, which enable children and youth to be active citizens, and co-creators of peaceful, equal and democratic communities – on the third level, called the community level.

The education takes place through introduction courses and weekend camps – The Playmaker Camp - which brings together Playmakers from different parts of a city and/or country. All volunteers undergo a basic module that introduces them to the target group, street sports potentials as well as communication and outreach. Then the volunteer specializes in project management or street sport coach.

The Playmaker program was born in Denmark with GAME, and now lives in various locations around the world through the efforts of many partner organizations.

GAME Academy is a free, online, educational platform for Playmakers, other volunteers and all those who want to use street sports to empower young people. It was co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union as a part of the Youth-Led Street Sport For All project.

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